Welcome to Jericho City Champions Church of God in Christ Ministries. This page includes information that you need to become involved in the various ministry opportunities. We believe that every member has a gift to contribute.

These pages lists the many ministries according to their service groups.

For example, the services group Christian Education includes Children and Youth Ministries and Vacation Bible School. Please check out the ministries and think about how you can make a difference.

If you are not sure what area of service fits you best or if you would like help in identifying your areas of strength, you may visit the FRESH Start Ministry and ask for a Spiritual Gift Analysis form. Once the form has been completed and returned to the Administrative Office, you will be contacted to discuss your gifts analysis results.

Jericho City Church appreciates your willingness to serve and remember, you can make a difference.

F.R.E.S.H. Start

Fresh S.T.A.R.T.: (Membership Assimilation): This ministry is responsible for gathering information from new members for the church records and assisting new members in assimilating into the ministry.  This includes involvement in special activities, phone calls and mailings and prayer.


D.R.E.A.M. (Youth Ministry): 

To cultivate a passionate pursuit of God’s presence and will, and build a bedrock of Christ-Like Character.  To define, discover, develop, discipline the youth within our ministry.  The age range is 13 through college. 


M.O.V.E. (Men of Valor and Excellence): To establish, develop, and foster a solid connections with the inner man through interactive forums, expressions of testimonies, and through the application of the Word of God, to awaken and reveal individual purposes in Ministry.

Minute Men: This ministry is responsible for providing parking lot safety, building security.

Boys 2 MEN: A component designed to guide boys from ages 8-17 in the process of becoming strong, young men.  The group sponsors workshops, events and activities to train boys in the skills and knowledge of being a Christian man.

Deacons Council: An organization of the deacons within this church who have been called to assist the Pastor with the work of the church.  Deacons are called to service for the needs of the church body. Their response of a natural spiritual involvement.


Hospitality Ministry:

To service the fellowship activities in the congregation, facilitate opportunities for all ages and groups within the congregation to learn, and to know each other and fellowship together.

Levitical Priest

Levitical Priests: This organization of clergy, missionaries, and evangelists within the church.  This group is united for the purpose of maximizing efforts to further the pastor’s vision for this church.  The pastor trains and teaches members of the clergy for effective Christian ministry service.

Bereavement Care Unit: This department is responsible for attending to the needs of bereaved families by collecting information, sending floral gifts, and food preparation.

P.C.U. (Pastoral Care Unit): A group of believers that seek to assist senior leadership both physically and spiritually.  The group prays continually for the pastor, his family, and the ministry.  The group is sensitive to the needs of the church body.

GYT - Go Ye Therefore

G.Y.T. Evangelism Ministry: This ministry involves spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through street witnessing and evangelism. It will also equip men and women to become “Champion” soul winners.


W.O.V.E.N. Women

W.O.V.E.N.(Women of Virtue Empowering Nations):

This ministry is designed to teach all women the importance of being Christ-like women. This ministry also encourages the women to support of the church, Pastor, and the Church Mother.

Diamond Daughters:

A component designed to guide girls from the ages 6-18 in the process of becoming young ladies. The group sponsors workshops, events and activities to train girls in the skills and knowledge of being Christian young ladies.


Music Department/Worship & Arts


Voices of Jericho City:

To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through song. To reach those who are unsaved, uplift those who are brokenhearted, to usher in the praise, and to prepare hearts for the rich and anointed word of God that our pastor will deliver unto the body.


JUDAH Praise & Worship Team:

To lead the congregation into worship and praise, to set the tone for each worship experience.


Orchestrators of Divine Movement: 

To praise and worship the Lord through the medium of dance in church services and other events. To use praise dancing as an evangelistic tool to draw souls to the Kingdom of God.


Drama Ministry: 

A ministry that is designed to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ using theatrical means.


Stage Crew: 

A ministry that works with the sound technicians, and the music department in the placement of microphones and other equipment for effective ministry.


“The City” Sound Services:

This ministry is responsible for operating the sound equipment and the taping of the services.

Armor Bearer

Kingdom Keepers

Kingdom Keepers: To be a doorkeeper and to maintain order in the house of the Lord.  To greet the people with a smile, welcome the people and direct the people to a seat. To be in tune with the needs of the congregation and assist them where possible. 

First Embrace (Greeters): To make all visitors and “City” partners feel welcomed and honored to be a part of our worship services. To assist with the needs of the congregation, and to embrace visitors and ministry partners with a friendly smile and warm personality.


F.I.Y.A Young Adult Ministry: Free Indeed Young Adult Ministry aims to empower, equip, and inspire a group of believers (ages 18-35) to live according to the will of God, identifying purpose, fulfilling destiny, reaching the lost and serving the community.